Serving the San Fernando Valley Since 1980

"Need some little part for your electronic equipment? LC has it. They have EVERYTHING. You'll have to ask for help, because you will never find it yourself in this store. But the owner is super nice and friendly and knows where everything is. He had what Radio Shack, Best Buy, and Fry's didn't."

Parts for Everyone

L.C. Electronics is the perfect one-stop retail center for engineers, technicians, electricians, avionics engineers, video duplication professionals, computer repair personnel, and medical equipment technicians. Need to find that unique electronics part? You will probably find it here at a good price.

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Custom Cables

"We need some custom-made cables to complete this project quick! Who can we call?" "Let's call L.C. Electronics. The guy's a bit of a character. But he makes good cables and they will be here right away."

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